Welcome to the website of Northern Lads Productions. Started by seven lads aiming to promote exciting new productions using undiscovered local talent waiting to get their break into the mainstream. We invite feedback on our work and look forward to hearing from you via our twitter page. Also we are currently recruiting people for in front of and behind the camera, please send us your C.V. via e-mail.





Some hard work began to create the latest NLP effort.


Cardboard Boy follows a family dealing with grief after loosing a child. NLP took over a house for 2 weekends with the help of some very talented of people. Casting our first minor DECLAN ? and getting support from the companies good friend NICO MIRELLEGRO the shoot was a massive success.

NLP threw a massive rave in the woods in a beautiful quarry in Glossop. It went right off!! Passionate people came together dressed as animals from lions to sardines and partied to STOLEN HAVEN until HIGH GRADE DJs blew the speakers at 4am. We made history that night!


NLP do it again. With zero budget and a big idea, Hospital Records make the Northern Lads video for Netsky - The Whistle Song the official video. 


Buy Netsky tracks here

Check out the Teaser for the up and coming short by NLP - Cardboard Boy